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Q.   What types of youth baseball programs do you offer?
A.   We offer 2 different programs. 
Our Peewee Program covers T-ball (4-5years old), Coach Pitch (6 years & under), and Modified Kid Pitch (7 years & under). 
Our Kid Pitch Program is for 8-14 years old or 2nd grade through 8th grade.

Q.   My child is in the second grade, but will not be 8 years old until later in the year.  Which program should I register?
A. You should sign your child up for the 8U Kid Pitch program. This is an important transitional year between the Peewee baseball group and full Kid Pitch baseball. 8U kid pitch will also be where their 2nd classmates start.

Q.   When are tryouts?
A.   Kid Pitch is normally held sometime from mid-September to early October, depending on weather and Fall Ball schedules.
Peewee is not a tryout, but an assessment of ability and is held mid-March.

Q.   My age group has two different levels of teams, what is the difference between the different levels?
A.   AAA - This is the highest level of play that we currently offer. It is usually made up of players who have stronger skill sets in their respective age groups and is a high level of competition. This level is more likely to compete in multiple tournaments, in addition to
league play, which is determined by the head coach and their parent group.

AA - This is the level may include less experienced players. The competition level is not as high as AAA and teams may not participate in tournaments as often as AAA.

Q.   What is the league registration fee?
A.   Kid Pitch is $325. 
Peewee is $100. 

Q.   What are my options for paying my child’s registration fee?
A.   You can pay by card online or send a check to LJBA at P.O. Box 150534, Lakewood 80215. You may also pay by cash at tryouts/assessments. It is requested that a minimum of $50 for Kid Pitch and $20 for Peewee be paid upon registration. The system
will allow you to pay all at once or payments will be taken out of your account monthly beginning on January 1. Should you need more assistance with this fee, contact us at
[email protected] with the title Payment Arrangement Assistance. Here at LJBA, it is our intention to
get all of the kids out playing regardless of the family’s financial situation.

Q.   When do my fees need to be paid in full?
A.   All fees need to be paid before your first game starts which is  around April 1st and your child receives his/her uniform.

Q.   What does my fee include?
A.   Kid Pitch: Your child will receive their own game Jersey and hat.  Also included are 14 to 16 league games and a team photo. You will be responsible for the pants, cleats, and other personal player equipment that your child may need.
Peewee: Your child will receive their own game Jersey and hat.  Also included are 8 league games and a team photo. You will be  responsible for the pants, cleats, and other personal player equipment that your child may need.

Q.   Is the registration fee refundable?
A.   This will depend upon the circumstance of the request and will be decided on a case-by-case basis.  Please contact us at [email protected]
for more information.

Q.   How many practices are there during the season?
A.   Kid Pitch practices are typically 2-3 times a week. and are typically 2 hours long. Once games begin coaches may adjust practice schedules.
Peewee practices are typically 1-2 times a week and are typically 1 ½ - 2 hours long.

Q.   What are the times & locations of practices?
A.   Practice times are determined by your head coach.  Most start their practices no earlier than 5 pm. We have fields in different locations around Lakewood that are in the surrounding area of Lakewood High School.

Q.   When do practices start?
A.   Kid Pitch Teams can officially start mandatory practice on March 1st, but may offer optional workouts as early as January.
Peewee Teams can officially start practice during the 1st week of April.

Q.   What happens if we are unable to make the tryout date?
A.   We recommend that you register your child. After you have registered, please contact us at [email protected], so arrangements can be
made for an independent assessment.

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