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Helping to Fulfill the Dreams of Others


            In August 2002, Carrie King and Troy Lyles died in a car accident. They were sixteen and juniors at Lakewood High School. They were talented athletes, good students, and wonderful friends. It is in their honor that we play every April. Before they died, Carrie and Troy had begun to make plans for after high school, they had started imagining what college would be like, how to prep for the SATs and getting ready to finally get away from mom and dad! When we began this tournament, our idea was to use the memory of Troy and Carrie to help other high school students fulfill dreams that Carrie and Troy didn’t have a chance to. 100% of the proceeds from this tournament go to a scholarship fund for local high school students. So far we’ve given away $108,000 in scholarship money to deserving high school seniors. 


            Our goal is to create a tournament experience that is second to none. Volunteers take a weekend out of their schedules to take care of the fields, sell concessions, keep score, and announce games.  They make up nicknames, sing the 3rd inning stretch, and play trivia for prizes.  Volunteers stay late to chalk fields and wake up early to put together concession stands.  Parents spend anniversaries and birthdays at the baseball field. You come from all over to play and help the memory of Carrie and Troy live on through others.  Thank you, to all of you, for helping us make this tournament a success year after year.


This tournament has given us, their classmates, a chance to come together every year to celebrate our friends. In addition to helping so many graduating high school students, they’ve also been able to bring their friends and families together every year. That’s perhaps the best gift they could’ve given us.


Carrie and Troy have touched the lives of hundreds and possibly thousands of people.  They have helped interior designers, teachers, journalists, engineers, athletes, scientists, and so many more, work towards achieving their dreams.  They were extraordinary people.  It is with a lot of love that this tournament is put together every year.  We hope you enjoy your weekend, we love watching you play.