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What is the RMJBL Level III Program?

Level III is the High School Baseball League for Freshman and Sophomore Baseball Players managed by the Rocky Mountain Junior Baseball League (RMJBL). Teams are formed by their local High School coaches and coaches are determined by their High School Area. Level III is exclusively for freshman and sophomores players only. Players who are currently Juniors or Seniors ARE NOT eligible to play in the Level III program. Most freshman and sophomores play Level III, but some players may be selected for their High School Junior Varsity or Varsity teams, this is a decision of the High School coach. Tryouts for these teams are managed by your local high school and players assigned to the team must register with North Jefferson Junior Baseball Association (RMJBL) and pay the League Fees in order to participate. RMJBL or the member area provides umpires, game scheduling/reschedules, and game fields.

There will be 18 games during the regular season and the top teams will play in an end-of-season tournament. Most of the larger high schools field one or multiple Level III teams each season. These decisions are made by the local high school, so speak with the High School Coach if you have any questions about this team formation process.


Why Does RMJBL run the High School Level III Program?

Many years ago, the High School Athletics Association decided to turn over management of the Freshman and Sophomore Baseball Leagues to youth organizations to manage games and the league. The players are selected by their respective High Schools but players are registered and games scheduled and managed by local youth baseball associations and RMJBL similar to the large Youth baseball programs that they run. Game fields and game schedules are managed by local youth baseball associations and RMJBL, but the teams are still run and coached by their local High Schools. Some players may “swing” from Level III to their High School Junior Varsity or even Varsity teams during the season. This is a decision by the High School coach and a player may play multiple games in a week for the different levels. Since the Level III program is run by Local Associations and RMJBL, the league is not subsidized by school district but you don’t pay the HS Activities fee. However you do have the Level III program fee determined by your local hosting association or you can play independently. Each player is responsible to pay before you are eligible to play.


Who is eligible for the RMJBL Level III Program?

The RMJBL Level III Program is open to any player who is a Freshman or Sophomore and makes their local High School baseball team after tryouts complete. The local High School determines who makes the team from tryouts held, these are typically completed at the end of February. Please talk with your local High school baseball coach about tryout dates and times.


What are the fees for the Level III Program?

The fees for this program are determined by each local association that the team/players is playing through. This typically covers the cost of a jersey, league games, umpire costs, indoor practice time (if available), game and practice baseballs, scorebook, first aid kit, and the cost of game fields. Most Associations will have team registration at the end of February for all Level III teams once the High Schools select their teams. Players MUST register with their Association or RMJBL in order to play in the Level III league. Independent teams are responsible for a onetime payment of $1,000 to pay for umpires and game scheduling. Independent Teams are responsible for their own games fields, practice fields, game baseballs and any indoor time they need. Teams are required to provide insurance for players and have that insurance policy presented to the RMJBL Level III Director prior to the first games.


General Information:

  • The Level III baseball season starts early March 
  • The Level III baseball season typically consists of 18 games over a two month period (March — May). A majority, but not all, games are played on Saturday & Sunday.
  • Games will start in early March and will through the third week of May, with a weekend end-of season tournament for the Top-4 Teams in each division. (Mid May) - Championship games at All Star Park
  • Most games will be played in Jefferson County, with games possible in Broomfield, Louisville and Brighton
  • The other teams in the league are the same as the High School teams play in normal JeffCo Leagues
  • Level III jerseys are the responsibility of each association or independent team
  • Players are selected by their High School coaches after their scheduled try-outs
  • Coaches for each Level III team are assigned by the High School Area.
  • Teams are formed by their High School area and the team practices are based on the individual Level III coach
  • You must register online with RMJBL as a Level III player in order to play in the Level III league with your High School
  • Game schedules are posted online at: www.jeffcobaseball.com (These should be available by early March)


Typical Calendar of Events for the RMJBL Level III League:

end of February High School Baseball Tryouts 
first week of March Level III Scheduling Meeting
March 7-8 Season Opening Tournament (Fields TBD).  Hope to get in 3 games for all teams
March 10 - May 4 League Games
Spring Break minimal games scheduled with available teams
Mid May

Level III End of Season Tournament for Top 4 Teams in each division (American/National).  Championship Games @ All Star Park